Pre-skill new employees  step by step, from anywhere in the world.

New employees, especially those without a technical or space background, need to understand all the functions your company undertakes. Turbocharge the onboarding process, give employees the skills that you need them to have through a digital twin of your hardware, software and processes. 

S@SIM's Space Employee Pre-skilling Lets You

Transfer skills to as many employees simultaneously, anywhere in the world
Give Employees access to historical missions, where the hardware is now in space
Target the education of  specific skill sets that are lacking in your business

Give new team members all the skills they need, even before the start working.  

S@SIM's Full Platform lets your employees gain skills in the areas your business needs,
in a customised way: 

Experience all subsystems for your entire project for a good understanding of the departments across your buiness. 
Understand upstream engineering and hardware processes and how it all fits together.
Understand the downstream code, processing, communication and control functions in your busines. 
Explore the Testing and Quality Control Operations for your Company.
Investigate the administrative and scheduling side of your business. 
Experience previous mission successes and or lean from previous mistakes. 

A Typical Employee Onboarding Program

    There are many ways S@SIM could benefit your human resources team:

  • Target Specific Skill Sets You Need from Your Employees
    Not every candidate has every skill that your business needs and some skills are harder to find.Meet the skills mismatch by creating a pre-skilling course.
  • Onboard New Employees Faster 
    Structure a tour of your business and give them a technical overview, even before they join.
    Idea for interns and contractors too.
  • Reduce cost associated With Training
    Offering free course to your potential employees, online, requires less human resource effort and scales across the globe. 

Try the S@SIM Prototype

S@SIM is in Alpha.  We welcome you to try our prototype. 
Tell us what direction you'd like to see it go in. 

Our Testimonials

I have worked with the team at Preceptech for almost a year now and have found them really responsive and helpful. They are fully committed to working hard to satisfy the customers’ needs and have achieved real progress in a short space of time. I would recommend working with them.

Nick Trigg                         

Science and Technologies Facilities Council UK

Preceptech have a clear understanding of the challenges in the design of new products, and they have applied this to the space sector in a highly novel way, offering real benefit to the creation of new platforms. Their software product is easy to use yet brings together complex elements; a potent combination for Space 2.0 innovation

Mike Curtis-Rouse

Satellite Applications Catapult 

Taking an idea to market, requires much more than an idea, more than a technology; it requires people who understand the customer experience, the money needed, where to find it and how to manage it, making the technology fit for market and many other things. The joy of working with Preceptech is they get that, all of that. Will they succeed ? I make no promises, but I do know they are starting from a solid base

Ian Tracey

Anchored In Ltd 

The team at S@SIM have great drive and imagination. They quickly refined their original ideas into a defensible concept. I wish them great success in the future!” 

Don Mclaverty

Venture Logic

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