S@SIM Provides
Space Mision Outreach Services.

Everyone loves rocket launches, but how do you get the public to care about your mission?

S@SIM helps your company engage with their audiences through creating an easiliy accessible digital twin of your space mission. Get engagement and understanding, show people why your mission is important, how it delivering its outcomes, and ultimately why it deserves to be funded.

S@SIM's Space Mission Outreach Lets You

Showcase your amazing mission, end to end. 
Create a sharable, viral marketing experience
Build an Audience that wants to hear your story. 

 Reach out to the public to promote your space mission. Make space something for everyone.

S@SIM's Platform lets your supporters: 

Experience your mission subsystems for your project

With more components than ever, see what's out there in the space marketplace or upload your own hardware. 

Build a Virtual Example of your Project

Stack it, spin it, and squeeze your hardware into a 1U, 3U or 6U. It's all about efficiency of size and weight. 

3. Experience some of the Code

Your space hardware is only as good as the instructions you give it. Code like a champ!

Run your Mission Through its Paces

Testing your article is just as important as every other step on your journey into space. 

Do all the Paperwork, Paperwork

All the OTHER things you'll need to do before you can get into space. (FYI there are a LOT) 

Take it Into Space

Get ready to loft your mission to its final destination (image from 'Rocket Explorer' by Stanley Creative)

How does S@SIM Help with Space Outreach? 

  • We Create Shareable, Viral Marketing Experiences for You
    Sharing a specification sheet or image is nowhere near as engaging as providing a virtual experience
  • We make Your Mission "First to Engage"
    People remember the first brand experience they see more than any other
  • We help you Navigate Advertising Roadblocks
    People interested in technical pursuits are hidden behind many protective technology layers, you don’t find them, and they find you. Interactive content for “pull” marketing has a far better chance at running the filter gauntlet.
  • We let you Balance Security and Openness
    Balancing your need to keep your product cutting edge in a fast moving market whilst showcasing it to the world is challenging. Showcase only what you want, without sharing anything sensitive. 

Try the S@SIM Prototype

S@SIM is in Alpha.  We welcome you to try our prototype. 
Tell us what direction you'd like to see it go in.
(Requires a desktop wtih minimum screen resolution 1440px) 

Our Testimonials

I have worked with the team at Preceptech for almost a year now and have found them really responsive and helpful. They are fully committed to working hard to satisfy the customers’ needs and have achieved real progress in a short space of time. I would recommend working with them.

Nick Trigg                         

Science and Technologies Facilities Council UK

Preceptech have a clear understanding of the challenges in the design of new products, and they have applied this to the space sector in a highly novel way, offering real benefit to the creation of new platforms. Their software product is easy to use yet brings together complex elements; a potent combination for Space 2.0 innovation

Mike Curtis-Rouse

Satellite Applications Catapult 

Taking an idea to market, requires much more than an idea, more than a technology; it requires people who understand the customer experience, the money needed, where to find it and how to manage it, making the technology fit for market and many other things. The joy of working with Preceptech is they get that, all of that. Will they succeed ? I make no promises, but I do know they are starting from a solid base

Ian Tracey

Anchored In Ltd 

The team at S@SIM have great drive and imagination. They quickly refined their original ideas into a defensible concept. I wish them great success in the future!” 

Don Mclaverty

Venture Logic

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Working on your Corporate Social Resposibility?
Partner with us. We're a pending B Corp and exist to: 

  1. put space technology within the reach of anyone who wants to ethically use it.
  2. advance society by creating a truly open and international platform for realising space projects that are accessible to all.
  3. inspire everyone with an interest in space to get involved in space activities and give them the tools needed to do so.
  4. Promote the protection of planet Earth from catastrophic events
  5. Connect non-space communities and businesses with space 
Software Architect Co-Founder
High Level Decisions need an experienced hand

Fancy your hand as S@SIM's software architectt? We're looking for someone to join us and help design engaging space missions from the ground up for the S@SIM platform. What do you want to achieve? The universe is your sandbox!

Hardware Design Partners
Work with the mission designer to create hardware that meets the objectives

Choose Commercial Off the Shelf parts, or design your dream components from scratch? Whatever you decide, put them all together in CAD and make your dream machine, we'll publish your design into S@SIM.


We're a space startup looking to develop space ideas for the benefit of humanity.

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