Development Timeline

SATSIM has been an idea of the cofounders for quite some years, 
but it's serious development only started in 2021. 
Here is the journey so far. 

May 2021

Market Research Phase 

SATSIM v0.0 started with market research, determining what the market wanted to do. We determined people were interested in building items virtually. 
Market research survey is stil available here
We've exhaustively analysted a lot of data!

December 2021

SATSIM Mockups

The process for mocking up an interactive space lab for use by highschool students and space enthusiasts begins. 
6 Screens made in Adobe Illustrator are showcased here

February 2021

SATSIM v0.1 

A web-based pathfinder prototype is launched with a bunch of interesting ideas, linked to Google Firebase and Analytics and feedback forms and is sent to our alpha testers. Feedback collated. You can access it here 

April 2022

SATSIM v0.2 

Based on feedback from SATSIM v0.1, we removed a lot of the extra screen information and removed unneccesary features. Sent out to market on 

 April 2022

SATSIM v0.3 

Development begins on Unity platform.
Watch this space. 
v0.31 - Assembly Module
v0.32 - Parts Module
v0.33 - 

Approx 2023

Future Listing of SATSIM v1.0 on Steam Early Release

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We're a space startup looking to develop space ideas for the benefit of humanity.

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